Location-Based Marketers: Are You Missing a Key Ingredient to Your Location Data Strategy?

Location-Based Marketers: Are You Missing a Key Ingredient to Your Location Data Strategy? by Danny Shayman Location data intelligence has become one of the most important—if not the most important—data

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Machine Learning Precision for Explainability

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly on the rise. Having just attended Forrester’s Data Strategy and Insights Conference in Orlando, FL, we heard these terms frequently mentioned in many presentations.

The Value of Explainability in Artificial Intelligence

The Value of Explainability in Artificial IntelligenceAI applications are finding a role in many business processes. Machine learning algorithms add speed, precision and automation to enable companies to drive improved

IDMWORKS partners with simMachines to revolutionize identity and access management (IAM)

simMachines, Inc., the leader in Explainable AI / Machine Learning (XAI) applications, announces a partnership with IDMWORKS, to support a next generation approach to using machine learning technology to revolutionize Identity and Access Management (IAM).

How GDPR is Going to Change Digital Advertising

Facebook recently announced that it will no longer support 3rd Party Data Partner Categories or enable advertisers to create campaigns against custom audiences in their platform due to privacy regulations.

CIO Journal Coverage

According to CIO Magazine, May 2nd, 2018, major brands are intensely searching for explainable AI solutions for several reasons spanning guarding against ethical and regulatory breaches to understanding when to override machine based decisions or how to improve them in the future.

Explainable AI is Responsible AI

In Cognilytica Research’s briefing note on simMachines, January, 2018, it highlights the black box challenge of today’s AI machine learning technologies and the fundamental problems lack of explainability causes.

Similarity Based Machine Learning Provides AI Transparency and Trust

Similarity is a machine learning method that uses a nearest neighbor approach to identify the similarity of two or more objects to each other based on algorithmic distance functions.