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Predictions With The Why®

Explainable Machine Learning

simMachines provides the only machine learning software that can provide “the Why” behind every prediction at the speed and scale necessary to drive marketing, fraud, and compliance applications in a real-time world.


Our explainable predictions will match or outperform any other method


Predictions with the Why provide trust and understanding through transparency


The weighted factors behind every prediction reveal actionable intelligence that drives transformative business impacts


Continuous learning enables every action’s predictive drivers to constantly be measured and automatically adjusted

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are transforming every aspect of business at an accelerating pace. Understanding why a machine is predicting a certain outcome is essential for business users across all industries.

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Similarity-based Machine Learning

simMachines achieved world-renowned breakthroughs in scale and speed with similarity. Unlike decision trees or neural networks, similarity methods make predictions explainable, understandable and actionable.

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Transparency & Insight

simMachines is the only Machine Learning technology that provides “the Why” behind every single prediction we make.  Our technology then groups predictions into dynamic predictive segments to enable business users to take insight driven action with great precision and speed.

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Business Applications

Our technology helps large global enterprises realize significant performance gains, efficiencies, and innovation in tackling marketing, fraud and compliance challenges.

Focus Areas

simMachines focuses on transformative marketing applications that drive significant efficiency and performance gains. We deliver marketing applications for Retailers, Financial Services firms, and Media companies.

What People Are Saying


JAS was faced with nearly one million pages of unstructured textual data. simMachines plowed through the data like a blowtorch through butter. Their tools quickly grouped the data into similar models, created “diffs” for human spot-checking, and offered a flexible configuration interface for tuning. simMachines worked extremely well in our high security environment which imposed unique technical and procedural requirements. They strived to understand our business requirements and continuously delivered beyond our expectations.



While other vendors provided parts of what we needed, SimMachines were able to deal with all our specific requirements of indexing very sparse, high-dimensional data, being able to use both metric and non-metric spaces and performing searches quick enough to power a user facing application.


FoodEssentials, Inc

Working with simMachines has been a delight and an education. Anyone who works with data should consider working with simMachines and using technology to reduce costs as well as create new products.


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*Capture The Customer Moment With Dynamic Predictive Segmentation, a January 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of simMachines