Agency Machine Learning: Improving Campaign Efficiencies

simMachines is engaged with leading ad agencies to solve complex advertising challenges – applying dynamic predictive segmentation to campaign audience selections, increasing granularity and depth of insights associated with audience segments, integrating and mining broader data sets more efficiently, and reducing latency in the campaign planning process. We enable ad agency partners to achieve significant internal efficiencies, so analytic teams can spend more time on developing new insights, innovation, and results for clients.

We provide machine learning software that enables hightened precision in executing media campaigns for clients across publisher and distributor platforms.

Performance Impact
Reduce the latency of matching client target audiences across media channels and platforms from weeks to hours while improving precision.

Business Results
Increase campaign volume, frequency and performance while reducing costs and the latency between campaign planning and execution.

“Dynamic predictive segmentation reveals customers’ differing preferences. Agencies and DSPs can exploit them by delivering the right content to each. And 86% of marketers believe they would see notable improvement in their program execution or campaign planning if they had a single system that provided all these capabilities.”

Capture The Customer Moment With Dynamic Predictive Segmentation, a January 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of simMachines

Performance Impact
Systematically perform granular level analysis of media sources and how they align to client target audiences and objectives.

Business Results
Provide a new level of machine driven reporting and planning that drives media efficiency and effectiveness and increases client satisfaction.

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