OPTin Advertising Network to use SimMachines Artificial Intelligence

OPTin Advertising Network and SimMachines announce collaboration on Artificial Intelligence applications for blockchain based DataCube

CHICAGO, July 3, 2018, /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — simMachines provides companies with significant performance advances through marketing optimization, unparalleled predictions, and customer experience optimization. According to Arnoldo Müller-Molina, Founder of SimMachines, “The OPTin Network is creating a massively single source data management platform. This is an ideal ‘big data’ treasure trove to unleash SimMachines’ Explainable AI technology.”

OPTin will benefit from SimMachines’ ability to work with vast amounts of data and scale their media buying capability to the next level, resulting in further guarantee of transparency and trust. “It’s extremely exciting to see what SimMachines Explainable AI technology can do today that simply wasn’t possible even a couple years ago. SimMachines is working to bring data to life by aggregating the WHY factors of each prediction. The tech is a perfect fit for the OPTin Network’s DataCube,” says OPTin Advertising Network member Jerome Shimizu. SimMachines competes with any other method of AI due to its track record of producing accurate predictions that are understandable.

OPTin Coin enhances the advertising “opt-in” process by strengthening the relationship between consumers and advertisers. Both parties benefit from having smooth transactions through verifiable data and user profiling on a secure platform.

About simMachines

simMachines is the leader in explainable AI / machine learning technology. Founded in 2012, simMachines offers the most comprehensive explainable machine learning software in the world. simMachines enables data scientists, marketers, analysts and business leaders to achieve significant gains in efficiency, performance and innovation while providing inherently actionable insights delivered with transparency and trust behind every prediction. For more information on simMachines, Predictions with the Why®, call (260) 632-7378 or visit www.simmachines.com.

About OPTin Network

Founded in 2018, The OPTin Network is the leading blockchain based marketing research platform. OPTin is rethinking ad technology ecosystem data flows through the lens of blockchain technology. OPTin Coins power the OPTin Network with adoption of approximately 500,000 registered users already collecting the token based on their integration with DoGood Media. OPTin Network is now in the process of opening the platform to all publishers, agencies and advertisers.

About DoGood Media

Founded in 2014, DoGood Media combines multiscreen technology and advanced analytics to drive growth for publishers, performance for advertisers and positive media experiences for consumers. Using a vertically-integrated tech stack, the company reaches consumers across Desktop, Mobile, Connected and Linear TV through their growing media brands MatchedCars, TVglee, and MiiMD, as well as a proprietary marketing research platform EarnHoney. The company is a proud member of the OPTin Network, leading the charge in rethinking the ad technology ecosystem through the lens of blockchain technology. DoGood Media is headquartered in Chicago with offices in Norwalk, CT and Curitiba, Brazil. http://www.dogood.media


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