Machine Learning Use Cases in Telecom & Media

simMachines supports media and telecom clients across a variety of use cases.

Churn Prevention

Large international telecommunications provider needed to reduce churn for pre-paid phone cards.

simMachines deployed dynamic predictive segmentation to enable proactive churn prevention.

  1. simMachines created predictions of who was likely to defect based on past defectors. Every prediction’s Why factors are different.
  2. We then created clusters of similar predictions. Each cluster can be assigned a corresponding action.
  3. In the case of this example, the prediction is based on the customer having a family plan but they are divorced with no children in the household.
  4. The corresponding action for this prediction is: “Offer this customer an individual plan.”

30% reduction in churn amongst contacted customers

Audience Digital Measurement

DataPulse is a joint venture between JAS Global Advisors and simMachines. The joint venture was formed around combining unique data assets for internet traffic monitoring with simMachines similarity-based machine learning technology.

Ninety-five percent of all web analytics is based on data harvested through websites controlled by a client. By adding code, tracking cookies or pixels, customer behavior is tracked across the website. These valuable insights are designed to optimize traffic within the website and push conversion. The challenge for broader promotion response and consumption analytics, however, is to establish a pattern across different websites and channels.

DataPulse’s Market Intelligence Suite can cover any individual or group of domain names, making it ideal to compare traffic within industries, competitors or affiliates. Augmented with our insights, driven by similarity based machine learning, DataPulse can provide unmatched analytical insights and details about Internet presence and activity for your industry, your brand, or even your competitors.

With insights being generated in a real-time manner, time specific results drive the Market Intelligence suite. Zooming in on instances, or taking a long-term view, allows for trending and predictive analysis. Data Pulse traffic has a proven, strong correlation to Alexa Web Site Traffic Statistics but is available in real-time.

Employee Hiring

A large cloud service provider was experiencing high employee turnover.

Hiring practices were inefficient in that the pre-screening process didn’t yield the results they wanted in preventing high employee turnover rates.

Using only applicants’ résumés, in their native form, simMachines created algorithms to predict both tenure and performance of a new hire candidate.

88% accuracy on predicting hires. 66% accuracy on predicting “top performer” status after 5 years was achieved.

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