Sales Consistency

Truck on the road

Imagine a truck that needs to deliver goods to thousands of locations in a specific geography. We can predict demand of items per distribution point, we can also recommend new items that are likely to become popular among customers. In this way, a sales representative can offer the right combination of items at the right time for each individual customer. This provides two benefits:

  • The potential for selling new items increases: if a distant but similar location is selling a new type of product successfully, we can recommend an item that normally would not be purchased by a customer. This creates new sales opportunities.
  • If a sales representative is not able to follow a route due to health concerns or vacations, we can make predictions that represent 80% of the best sales representative for a given route. This allows you to improve your predictable income metrics as we can predict a large percentage of real sales on any given visit.


  • Comprehensive
  • Discovery
  • Easy to integrate
  • Real-time Predictions
  • Simple Integration

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