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  • "The use of big data will become a key basis of competition and growth for individual firms."

    McKinsey Global Institute
  • Similarity Search is a flexible tool that allows you to solve complex problems.

    Simplicity, Flexibility, Power and Accountability
  • R-01: The Fastest Similarity Engine Available

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Data Growth is Exponential

Data is the new oil and it is growing exponentially. The intrinsic value of data allows companies to achieve new levels of productivity and growth.


Next Generation Apps

Next generation Apps are data driven and require special tools. From automated audio recognition to electronic medical diagnosis, the possibilities are endless.


Similarity Search

There are many styles of "kung fu" among data scientists. simMachines embraces similarity search as a central philosophy because it is extremely flexible and robust.


Object Similarities

By comparing the similarity among different objects (music, time series, genomic sequences) you can derive very useful insights. By applying a cascade of similarity filters you can solve complex scientific questions and also create next generation applications.


Our Technology

We provide state-of-the art similarity search based solutions. Our flagship product, the R-01 similarity engine is considered by several experts the fastest available.


We like to talk about data

Do you have data and a problem you want to solve and don't know how to? Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , we can give you free advice on how to solve your problem with similarity tools.

Big Data Solution Spaces

Similarity search is a next generation database that allows you to perform queries not possible in NoSQL or traditional relational databases. If you are planning to build a novel product based on big data, it is likely that it will require similarity search at some point. simMachines provides the fastest similarity engine available. Our engine has been applied to a wide array of domains.

  • Simplicity
  • Power
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
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  • Leading similarity search scientist.
    60+ pattern recognition publications

    Pattern recognition and data mining require intensive query by content in large unstructured repositories. Data scientist have been expecting an efficient solution to the query by content problem for a long time. I believe the time has come with the R-01 engine, which is a technological breakthrough allowing query by content operations on commodity hardware for very large data sets. With this engine it is possible to build programs that learn, grow and adapt with the end user. The R-01 is a robust and versatile tool that every data scientist should own.
    Prof. Dr. Edgar Chavez
  • Leading similarity search scientist.
    250+ scientific publications.

    The benchmarks against literature indexes show that R-01 is a very competitive tool and it is superior in most cases. Additionally, an important feature of the engine is that it is very easy to configure. This is an essential feature because index configuration might be an unapproachable problem for beginners.
    Prof. Dr. Gonzalo Navarro
  • Leading similarity search/machine learning scientist in Japan.
    60 machine learning publications

    The performance of the R-01 is vastly superior to competing approaches. A wide array of pattern recognition tasks that were not possible before will be accomplished with ease since the engine provides unmatched scalability. The pattern recognition expertise Arnoldo brings adds even more value.
    Prof. Dr. Takeshi Shinohara
  • CEO of FoodEssentials, Inc

    Working with simMachines has been a delight and an education.  Initially they implemented his engine to help us with product similarities and recommendations but the scope of the project quickly grew to help us with many aspects of our data work such as product categorization.  Anyone who works with data should consider working with SimMachines and using technology to reduce costs as well as create new products.
    Anton Xavier
  • JAS Advisors

    JAS could not be happier with the expertise, professionalism, and positive "can-do" attitude demonstrated by the team at simMachines! In a world awash in data, we confidently look forward to many more projects together!
    Jeff Schmidt

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