EURid Domain Search

The following Demo illustrates our speed in searching across a vast database to find a suitable Domain name for a Customer and identify whether such a domain name already exists. This product was developed for DataPulse LLC and our engine is searching across 300 million records in real time to provide the results.

Instructions : 

Please visit the link mentioned at the bottom of the page to access the demo. You will be greeted to a welcome screen as shown :


Enter a domain name which you would like to register on the search box located towards the right (which reads “Check if your domain name is available”) and click “Go”. You will be navigated to another link which would look like this.

For example, type “Nestle”


Scroll down to the section titled “EURID-DATAPULSE DISTANCE“.


This section shows how Similar your search term is in comparison to the other available domain names. The distance value (denoted in red or orange next to the suggested names) indicate how similar the available domain names are in relation to the term searched for.



  • Cloud based
  • Discovery
  • Easy to integrate
  • Simple Integration

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