AI Enabled Audience Analytics

Media companies need to acquire, grow and retain subscribers and viewers across channels & platforms in an increasingly fragmented media world. simMachines provides game changing machine learning software that improves subscriber marketing, sales and service results, ad sales, media research, and inventory planning/optimization.

“Static segmentation is not sufficient in the digital age.”

Capture The Customer Moment With Dynamic Predictive Segmentation, a January 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of simMachines

Machine Learning for Telecom & Media

simMachines provides these applications, among others, for global media companies who are looking to upgrade their ability to integrate broader data sets for audience segmentation, analysis, trending, lifecycle management, ad sales support and inventory optimization.

Dynamic Predictive Customer Segmentation

Reveal granular machine driven customer clusters instantly for greater marketing and advertising campaign precision and speed.

Contextual Customer Experience Predictions

Leverage predictions and their driving factors to anticipate the context and next best action of every customer interaction.

Subscriber Lifecycle Predictions

Achieve 20% – 100% lift in analytic performance across all dimensions of the subscriber lifecycle.

Intelligent Call Center

Uncover the cause & effect of training scripts and offers with actual call content, agent performance, and outcomes.

Media Consumption Trending

Evaluate shifting patterns in media consumption to predict and adjust what, where, and when viewers will be watching.

Audience to Inventory Optimization

Align advertiser with inventory more precisely to achieve desired reach & frequency while maximizing CPM.

Social Media Content Clustering

Find and group distinctive social media commentary to uncover the patterns in what customers actually think.

Sales/Service Hiring Predictions

Hire the best sales and service agents based on their resumes, applications and social media profiles to reduce turnover.

Use cases

simMachines supports media sales and marketing use cases for media and telecommunications companies.

Churn Prevention

Large international telecommunications provider needed to reduce churn for pre-paid phone cards.

Audience Digital Measurement

DataPulse is a joint venture between JAS Global Advisors and simMachines. The joint venture was formed around combining unique data assets for internet traffic monitoring with simMachines similarity-based machine learning technology.

Employee Hiring

A large cloud service provider was experiencing high employee turnover.

Recent news in telecom & mediaALL NEWS ON OUR BLOG

How Machine Learning Benefits Ad Targeting
Dave Irwin | 09, November

Ad spend efficiency in online advertising has never been more important.  Frustration has continued to increase with a digital ecosystem challenged by ad blocking, saturation, fraud, and breaks in how audience, campaign, response and sales data can be connected accurately.  The result is poor measurement and ad waste.

Machine Learning with Transparency Changes the Art of the Possible in Marketing
Dave Irwin | 20, October

Most marketers are just beginning to explore machine learning applications.  Machine learning is already providing tremendous analytic efficiency gains and increased precision.

Marketers Need Granular Transparency Behind Machine Learning Predictions
Dave Irwin | 26, September

Demand for explainable AI over the last year has started to ramp up from a variety of perspectives. DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, for example, has been calling for more explainable machine learning models that human users can understand and trust.

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