Customer Optimization


This case describes the scenario where a telecommunications operator wants to increase usage of pre-paid phones, thus retaining customers and in turn increase revenue.

By using a gamification scheme that is based on predictions, simMachines is able able to offer suitable methodologies which lead to an increase in phone recharges. Following a recharge, customers will have the chance to participate in a reward-oriented interaction. Depending on the recharge amount, the potential to win a reward of a higher value increases proportionately.

We help in sending the right message to the right individual to trigger a purchase initiative and thus increase customer retention. Spamming a customer with many messages will lead to the messages being ignored whereas sending too few of a messages will not entice the customer to stay with the telecom provider. It is crucial to send the appropriate message and an opportune time to strike the balance and keep the interest of a customer with the provider, thus increasing retention.

Using our prediction algoithm, we are able to identify precisely when customers should be contacted and by what means the message should be delivered and its associated rewards scheme to optimize customer retention and drive revenue. This model can be extrapolated and applied to any customer facing industry.



  • Comprehensive
  • Easy to integrate
  • Real-time Predictions
  • Recommendations

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