Platform Navigation Guide

Welcome to the simMachines Platform Guide. This guide will cover navigation, file management, and Angel management on the simMachines platform.

  • Getting Started

      You must be signed in to a simMachines account in order to use the platform.

      If your session has expired you will be asked to sign back in before continuing.

      After logging in you will be at the Home screen.

      From here the rest of the simMachines platform is accessible.

  • Managing Your Data

      Files are securely stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud and are organized through a folder system. To create a folder, navigate to the “Folders” page and click “Create Folder”.

      Name your folder and click “Create Folder”.

      After creating a folder you will be returned to a folder list view.

      You can create as many folders as you need. Folders collapse to facilitate browsing.

      Click on the folder name to display that folder’s contents.

  • Uploading File(s)

      Data must be uploaded to the cloud in order for a simMachines Angel to process it. To upload your data select the folder you wish to store it in and click “Upload File(s)”.

      Click “Choose Files” and navigate to the file you wish to upload. When you have selected your file click “Upload File(s)” to save it to the Azure hosted simMachines cloud.

      The progress bar allows you to track the status of your file.

      When the upload is complete you will be returned to the folder list view.

      Uploaded files must meet these specifications:

    File Specifications

      The file must be in tsv or tab delimited csv format, which as a text file has tab separated values = ‘\t’.

    • The first row should be a header row with the name of each column.
    • The Angel will read all files in the folder, so all of them should follow the same format.
    • TSV Quote Character = ‘ ” ‘
    • TSV Line End = ‘\n’
    • TSV Escape Character= ‘\’

  • Creating Angels

      Angels represent the various methods of data interaction provided by simMachines. Ramiel is a similarity search engine, Gaghiel makes recommendations, Leliel classifies and predicts, and Sandalphon identifies data clusters.

      To create an Angel navigate to the “Create Angel” page and select the type of Angel you require.

      Each Angel takes specifications according to its type. Details on the various Angels can be found in their respective tutorials.

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