Marketing and Advertising Solutions

simMachines’ solutions dramatically improves sales, reduces costs and increases speed to market by boosting the relevance of interactions for campaigns across sales, marketing, advertising, service and support. “Pre-sculpted” data from leading 3rd party marketing data providers speeds deployment for any use case where external data provides predictive lift.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing – Predictions across any dimension of the customer lifecycle from acquisition to upselling & cross selling, increased profitability, increased purchase frequency / usage, risk management, expanded LTV, retention, and win back deliver 20% – 100% lift over traditional statistical based analytic modeling. simMachines predictions operate for high speed batch processing at sub second speed or in real time applications.

Dynamic Segmentation – Customer segments can by dynamically run against any goal or objective to define customer and prospect groups with all the weighted factors that define them at unparalleled precision and speed.

Customer Experience Optimization
– Predictions relating to next best action / recommendation with “up to the moment” data can be provided immediately at the precise time of decision for a customer during an interaction. Predictions can anticipate what an individual customer will want, prefer, or need dramatically improving the customer experience.

Sales Forecasting – Predicting sales against specific targets by customer segment, division, or region can be done with greater precision and confidence with detailed factor analysis including external events, weather, competitive behavior, etc. based on past results.

Product Forecasting – Predicting product level demand, sales, optimal distribution and inventory at scale and speed across many product lines and categories is now possible with great precision and confidence with detailed individual and household customer level factors.

Audience Analysis – Analyzing the best digital / TV media plan to optimize reach and frequency for a desired audience can now be run sub second with incredible precision and accuracy as well as providing the weighted defining audience factors that allow you to control the granularity of audience related targeting, creative, messaging, media schedules, frequency intervals and format. The technology can be deployed for media selling or buying.

Pattern Recognition – Trending analysis reveals patterns over time that can be leveraged for understanding why patterns are emerging and forecasting how these emerging patterns will affect the future of your business. Whether its channel preferences, product usage, or micro – economic indicators tied to customer level analysis, patterns can be revealed and explained at scale and speed.

Call Center Analysis – Optimizing sales, service and support across millions of customers and interactions as well as tens of thousands of agents and products / service combinations to achieve desired outcomes can be dramatically improved with simMachines machine driven predictions and analysis.

Supply / Demand Forecasting – Analyzing supply and demand forecast factors and predicting future demand curves at deep granular levels of detail can dramatically improve supply planning and sales results.

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