Live Demos

Browse through examples of our technology in action. Demos include commercial applications as well as other examples to demonstrate the unique capabilities of our technology.

Commercial Applications

Finding New Customers

We tell you why each person has been placed in a given segment, with respect to the item you want to sell.

Identifying Audience Channel

Discover a highly accurate way for marketers to identify the proper channel to reach their intended audience.

Fighting Fraud

Fighting Fraud with Dynamic Predictive Segmentation

Internet Security

Protect yourself from Identity Theft and other safety concerns!

Hire Predictions

Identify the right person for your Organization in seconds using our fast similarity engine!

Demand Prediction

Predictions on what type of services or products, people belonging to each neighborhood, will be demanding/requiring in the upcoming days!

Music Recommendation

Identify similar music interests and let our engine recommend you a new Band!

Unique Applications

EURid Domain Search

Search through a database of 300 million records to find a suitable Domain name!

Stock Market Prediction

Decide which stock to invest in and predict how it will grow!

SGD vs USD – Exchange Rate Prediction

Predict SGD vs USD Exchange Rate in Real-time using our Similarity Engine!

Multiple Database Search

Bridge the gap between data silos. Search and extract insight from data present across multiple databases!

Trademark Search

Search across more than 6 million Trademarks in a fast and flexible manner!

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