We discover, we recommend and we predict

simMachines provides similarity-oriented solutions for Advanced Analytics. Our technology enables you to discover patterns and anomalies in structured and unstructured data. You can also perform real-time recommendations to make consistent decisions that harness the collective intelligence of all the experts in your organization. Finally, our algorithms allow you to  predict the outcomes of future events and interactions.Our most important feature is that we focus on telling you the WHY of a prediction, this allows our algorithms to comply with the most stringent Artificial Intelligence auditing rules.

Similarity machines or simMachines provides the most comprehensive set of nearest neighbor-based clustering, discovery, prediction and regression algorithms.



Management Team

Our purpose is to discover, to recommend and to predict

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    Robert Zieserl is the CEO of simMachines. He brings over 30 years of experience growing companies and also as a venture capitalist. He has successfully run five companies including cardiovascular diagnostic imaging, clinical information systems, and real-time data acquisition and control systems.

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    Founder :: CTO

    Arnoldo J. Muller-Molina, Ph.D. is the founder and CTO of simMachines. He has been working for over 11 years on the technology that powers simMachines. Obtained his PhD in Japan (Kyutech) and performed research in Germany (Max Planck Institute). In 2014 his technology was honored with a TR35 MIT Technology Review innovation award.  

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    CMO :: Leader, Market Development

    Dave Irwin is the CMO & Leader, Market Development for simMachines. Dave brings over 25 years of experience in growing and operating businesses, architecting innovative solutions to drive high impact growth and value, leading strategic client and channel partner engagements spanning most vertical industries, and implementing marketing, advertising and sales enablement tools, capabilities and strategies.

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    Head of Business Development

    Abel Aronovitz is the Head of Business Development at simMachines. Abel is responsible for developing strategic relationships and identifying opportunities where our technology can provide meaningful solutions for customers. He brings extensive experience growing both start-up and established businesses in alternative investments.  He’s a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and currently resides in South Florida.

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    Chief Customer Officer

    Dave Jakopac, Ph.D. is the Chief Customer Officer for simMachines. Dave has worked more than 25 years in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, 3D Computer Graphics, and Robotics.